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Insurance is a product that is represented by a policy which guarantees reimbursement against losses. Insurance payouts are typically significantly larger than the premium payments required to maintain the policy, but this is because insurance companies pool clients’ risks together to make coverage more affordable for their customers. 

There are many insurance products currently available to American consumers, including health insurance, life insurance, and more. Each one offers useful benefits that can prove essential when unexpected events occur. These are the different types of insurance services we offer.

Medicare beneficiaries have the option to enroll in privately offered Medicare plans, rather than the Original Medicare offered through the Social Security Administration. These privately offered Medicare plans are called Medicare Advantage plans, or Part C of Medicare. If you join a Medicare Advantage plan, you will get all of your Part A and Part B Medicare benefits through that plan. You can also acquire supplemental benefits, such as gym memberships, over the counter allowances, hearing, vision, and dental coverage, and even prescriptions. To learn more about Medicare Advantage plans in your area, get in touch with our insurance team today!

People who use their Medicare benefits often may need help paying the out-of-pocket costs that remain after Medicare pays their approved portion of health care expenses. Medicare Supplement Insurance plans offer protection from these costs, as they help Medicare beneficiaries pay their out-of-pocket health care costs. Using these plans, you can reduce or eliminate Part A and Part B coinsurance, deductibles, and copayments. Some plans will even pay excess charges for Part B deductibles. To learn more about the various Medicare Supplement Insurance plans, contact one of our insurance specialists.

Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, only includes hospital insurance and medical insurance. It does not include prescription drug coverage. In order to get prescription drug coverage, you will have to purchase a Part D prescription drug coverage plan from a private insurance company. These plans offer members access to affordable prescription drugs, which are listed in the plan’s formulary. To find a plan that offers the medications you need at an affordable price, reach out to our insurance agents for a free quote.

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If you are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, you may be able to enroll in a plan that offers combined benefits for both programs. This can offer many useful advantages, such as improved benefits and lower costs, extra food assistance or food savings, over the counter allowances, access to a larger network of providers, and more. To determine if you are eligible for Medicaid and Medicare, contact us. If you are dual eligible, then ask us if a dual plan is right for you.

When you pass away, your family may be left to pay for leftover health care expenses and they will need to replace your income. Life insurance can provide your family with a large death benefit payout if you happen to die unexpectedly. This money can be used to support their cost of living, pay for your funeral, and afford any other necessities that the beneficiaries need. There is no limit to what the money can be used for, so it can go a long way if the worst happens to occur. Life insurance products can offer death benefits ranging from $10,000 to millions of dollars. To find a plan that fits your specific needs, contact an insurance professional now.

Whether you need vision, hearing, and dental coverage, or a critical illness plan to help you afford a sudden critical condition such as cancer, we can provide you with the supplemental insurance products you need. We offer a variety of alternative insurance plans, so reach out to compare our different options. Our insurance team will work hard to find you the coverage you need.

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