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If you are caught in a temporary health insurance coverage lapse, you can use short term health insurance plans to keep yourself protected. Short term insurance plans provide temporary medical coverage in certain situations, but they should not be used as permanent health insurance solutions. If you are in between health insurance plans, here is what you need to know about short term health insurance. 

Short term health insurance can be purchased by anyone who qualifies, and they typically have wide enrollment periods that allow you to join a plan at almost any time of the year. Once you enroll in a plan, you will have access to some level of coverage for preventive care, doctor visits, urgent care, and emergency care. Depending on your plan’s rules, you may also have access to prescription drug coverage as well.

Short term health insurance is relatively inexpensive, but you can expect to pay a range of different costs. The main cost that you will have to take on is the monthly premiums. These fees will vary depending on the level of coverage you choose, and the structure of your policy. You will also be required to pay out-of-pocket costs, like deductibles and coinsurance.

The deductible is the amount you must pay out-of-pocket before your plan starts sharing costs. Coinsurance is the percentage of costs you share with your plan after you’ve met your deductible. In most cases, you can expect your plan to have deductibles and coinsurance. They may even have copayments as well, which are costs you must pay at the time of a health visit.

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If you are unsure of whether or not purchasing a short term health insurance is right for you, it may be worthwhile to consider all of the benefits. One major benefit of short term health insurance is that it can keep you covered when you need insurance most. You can also cancel the plans whenever you need to and there won’t be any penalties. Your options are diverse as well, since there are many different plans available in most areas.

Though, short term health insurance plans are not the perfect solution to your health care needs. They are very expensive compared to traditional health plans, so the sooner you can switch to a more sustainable health insurance plan the better. You also won’t get coverage for pre-existing conditions in most cases, and your coverage will be limited for most services.

If you aren’t in good health, it may be difficult to qualify for short term health insurance. Coverage is not mandated or standard, so plans vary greatly and there is little government regulation. Though, this does not mean short term health insurance plans are all of low quality. There are many high quality short term health insurance plans on the market, and we can help you find them. Keep in mind that you may have to fill out a short medical questionnaire to be approved for coverage. We can help you complete this process and get covered as soon as possible!

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If you’ve recently missed open enrollment or lost your coverage due to a change of employment, short term health insurance can keep you protected from adverse health events. At T&T Insurance, we have a staff of dedicated professionals who are here to help you find the coverage you need.