Grow Your Agency With Our

SOS Annuity Selling System!

With the SOS Annuity Selling System course, you will be provided with the resources you need to grow your agency and establish yourself as a financial professional.

You will have access to:

  • 3 LIVE interactive webinars detailing annuity basics and diving into analytics, learning to prospect annuity-specific prospects, booking the appointment, the perfect pitch, and the selling/closing process!
  • 2 hours of fully custom 1-on-1 interactive training to focus on areas you need the most work on!
  • Access to ongoing private content focusing!

Stop. Observe. Sell.

Our mission is to help you scale your business and shift your focus into what you do best. By learning how to do this through our course, you will also gain an understanding of how to:

  • Grow your agency by just offering annuities
  • Establish yourself as a financial professional WITHOUT a securities license
  • Gain respect and trust from prospects that will lead to referrals
  • Close on prospects and what the process looks like
  • Understand the buying psychology of a prospect

Don’t wait—learn how SOS can help you build your book of business, grow your agency, focus on improvement, and establish yourself as a financial professional TODAY!