Tracy Lownsberry
CEO/Financial Analyst
COFE Instructor
Phone: (231) 268-9293 / Email: [email protected]

Tracy recognizes the importance of Financial Education and makes it a priority in both his work and within his local community.With the continually changing retirement requirements, Tracy focuses on providing answers to the many questions facing retirees. He is a Medicare and Medicaid expert and enjoys assisting those in his community with their ever growing insurance and financial needs.

Tracy is a graduate of Ferris State University where he acquired a Bachelor of Science and served 8 years in the United States Army. In his free time he is involved with his Church, Community, and Volunteering. His hobbies include hiking, mountain/road biking, camping, and family outings. Tracy is married to his lovely wife Elizabeth.


Paul Roeske
Insurance Benefit Specialist
Phone: (231) 499-2839 / Email: [email protected]

Paul knows that helping his clients protect their financial security as they plan for retirement is important. He recognizes that his clients’ needs and priorities change over time, and he is dedicated to being there to serve them with integrity every step of the way.

Interests and activities include many types of outdoor sports to include boating, fishing, hunting, water skiing, and downhill skiing. He also enjoyed coaching lower grade level basketball, soccer, and baseball with his children on the teams.


Ron Chapman
Insurance Benefits Specialist
Phone: (231) 547-6724 / Email: [email protected]

Ron is a former Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Programs Counselor. He knows these programs more than anyone and enjoys helping seniors navigate the ever changing landscape of Medicare, because he himself is also enrolled in the program.

Ron is currently the Eveline Township Treasurer and enjoys living in beautiful Northern Michigan with his wife.


Heather Lownsberry
Insurance Benefits Specialist
Phone: (231) 433-9479 / Email: [email protected]

Heather has been a top agent with Aflac for almost 10years. She specializes in Health and Accident plans as well as helping employers find the right coverage for their business and employees. Heather always goes above and beyond for her clients and is always available if needed.

Heather is a skilled agent with many top health and medicare insurance companies and always finds the best rates.